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Monday, December 5, 2011

do you think talk on letter best??i dont think so,lgi best klu kte eye to eye,
klau ad spsg friend ni gado or had a big problem,patot ke kte make a letter?
ok,aq nk cte psal pnglaman aq sbgai girls yg khausan kapel(itu dulu,now,evrything is change)i start chatting with him last year ago,ande we declare after 1 month,
then,kitorang cdang nk rhsie kn saje relationship ktorang,but?
SETINGGI TINGGI TUPAI MELOMPAT AKHIRNYE,JATOH KE TANAH bestfriend,just know it,and they feel aq perbodohkn diorang,i was so ashamed,lastly,i tell them the truth,time toh,we all crying,and make a promised,THERE IS NO SECRET BETWEEN US START TODAY
,lpas tu,ktorang mmg btol2 BESTFRIEND FOREVER,
so,dont be like me,be like our friendship,

just now,someone tye aq,if we smile,ap yg kte dpt?i said,you will get haeng bok thats mean happiness in the meaning kebahagiaan.,,
so,read this with smile,smpai ke telinge pon x pe..

i like your smile,
------> (^.^) <--------

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